Hidden Harbor To Release A Few Crazy Al Mugs From It’s Vault Ahead Of 6th Anniversary

Image by Hidden Harbor on Instagram

    It’s not quite Hidden Harbor’s 6th Anniversary yet, but they are already giving us a reason to celebrate. They are releasing three extremely rare mugs hand glazed by renowned Tiki artist Crazy Al from their vault. 

    The three mugs include one with a multi-color glaze and a mossy green mini-tiki modeled after the “Forest” glaze edition of Hidden Harbor’s 5th Anniversary Mug, as well as a jade green artist proof mug, and a multi-color mug with a reddish brown mini-tiki.

   The mugs will be available for purchase through the official website of Hidden Harbor on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, at 10:00am PST and 1:00pm EST. They will likely sell out in seconds. If you do not want to miss out, you can try blowing Hidden Harbor away with an offer by the end of today. Email your offer to adam@hiddenharborpgh.com. If you do miss out, we expect Hidden Harbor will have some new merch to announce soon. 

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