Enter Tiki-Ti Cobra Fang v2.0 Mug Giveaway By The Search for Tiki And Help Expand Tiki Map

Image by The Search for Tiki

    If you missed out on the Tiki-Ti Cobra Fang v2.0 mug release, The Search for Tiki is giving away one mug in a Green Lizard glaze. To enter the giveaway, you will need to create or login to your free account on The Search for Tiki and suggest a Tiki-related bar, restaurant, store, or event, for the Tiki map! Each location you suggest will count as one entry, so you can have multiple chances to win. Please check that your suggested location is not already featured on our map though.

    The giveaway is open until Friday, January 29th at 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EST, at which point the winner will be announced via The Search for Tiki’s Instagram. The giveaway is not sponsored by Tiki-Ti, Tiki Diablo, Facebook, or Instagram. You can view the Tiki Bar map here and enter the giveaway by clicking here.

    Hopefully at the end of this week the map will be a more useful tool for anyone looking to locate a Tiki bar near them!

31 Comments Enter Tiki-Ti Cobra Fang v2.0 Mug Giveaway By The Search for Tiki And Help Expand Tiki Map

    1. Aloha! It should be working now. The link will direct you to a page for map suggestions– if you submit a map suggestion, it will count as an entry. Mahalo!

      1. Aloha Gabriel,
        When I click on the link to enter the giveaway, it directs me to adding a new location.
        That’s ok, because I need another tiki mug like I need a hole in the head.

        Are tiki restaurants (without alcohol) ok to add?

        Are only current/contemporary locations what you are wanting to add?

    1. Aloha! You enter the giveaway by suggesting a location for our map– kind of a “kill two birds with one stone” sort of deal. Anything tiki related is OK to add, alcohol is not required. Historical locations are great too, but if they are closed please just write “closed” in the notes, if you can. Mahalo!

  1. Link for giveaway is also not working for me either.
    And thank you for such a great giveaway and an opportunity to recognize and support our local tiki bars!

  2. So far I’ve submitted BouTiki (store) and Max’s South Seas Hideaway. Do I need to let you know when I submit places or does the link automatically show you that it was me submitting the place? Thank you!

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