Weathering the Storm Tiki Mug By Hidden Harbor Revealed In Surprise Announcement

Image by Hidden Harbor via Facebook

    Hidden Harbor recently announced a new version of their “Keeper of the Mug” to celebrate their fifth anniversary, but it looks like that is not all they have up their sleeves. In a surprise announcement, Hidden Harbor also revealed a mug named “Weathering the Storm” by John Mulder of Eekum Bookum.

    Weathering the Storm depicts Tangaroa, the fabled fisherman God of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. The captain is steering his vessel through stormy seas using a ship wheel that resembles a Witco style Tiki. A stack of fish lies at his feet, and waves crash along the back of the mug. “Weathering the Storm” is written on the back of the fisherman’s yellow coat, along with the Hidden Harbor logo.

    The new mug is a limited edition of 100 made in St. Pertersburg, Florida. They will be available this Saturday, January 30, for dine-in guests only. Each mug retails for $125. Remaining mugs will be available one week later for Hidden Harbor’s fifth anniversary party, and then again at 12:00pm on Sunday, February 7th, in Hidden Harbor’s retail shop. If any mugs remain after that, the rest will go on sale online Tuesday, February 9th, at 1:00pm EST.

    Reservations can be made for this mug’s release (and the fifth anniversary of Hidden Harbor) via Hidden Harbor’s official website.

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