Glaze Revealed For Whittle Hippo Tiki Mug By Jeremy Spears

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via Facebook

    The Whittle Hippo tiki mug by Jeremy Spears of Whittle Woodshop has an official glaze! The new mug is available for preorder from Tikiland Trading Co. and will feature a deep wood grain and matte brown glaze. You can read our original announcement of this mug back in June here.

    The tiki mug is based on “Francis,” a hippo previously designed by Jeremy Spears out of wood. The estimated dimensions of this mug have changed from around 8½” tall to about 7½” tall. The mug will however hold more liquid than previously estimated with a total capacity of 30 fl. oz. (up from 24 fl. oz.) It is being designed in California but will be an imported mug.

    While the shipping date for this mug is still listed on time (scheduled for Winter 2020), the price has increased from its original preorder price of $99. The mug now costs $125 to preorder, with an additional price hike expected in the future.

    Those looking to preorder the Whittle Hippo tiki mug can do so now via Tikiland Trading Co.’s official website.

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