Whittle Hippo by Tikiland Trading Co.

Whittle Hippo Tiki Mug Concept Art

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via their Website

    The new Whittle Hippo tiki mug by Whittle Wood Shop has finally been revealed! Years in the making, Tikiland Trading Co. just announced their partnership with artist Jeremy Spears (of Whittle Wood Shop).

    This ceramic tiki mug is planned in a matte glaze with a wood-like grain. It is based on “Francis,” a hippo previously designed by Jeremy Spears out of wood. The mug will likely be around 8½” tall and will hold around 24 fl. oz. It is being designed in California but will be an imported mug.

    As always, the actual mug may vary slightly from the design. It is expected to ship Winter of 2020. The presale has not officially started yet. The initial sale price of the Whittle Hippo will be $99, which includes the cost of shipping. The regular price is $165. When the mug does go on sale, you will be able to order it here.

    How excited are you for the new Whittle Hippo mug? Let us know in the comments!


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