Glaze Tests for Santa’s Shrunken Head

Glaze Tests for Santa's Shrunken Head by Lost Temple Traders

Image by Lost Temple Traders

    Is it too early to start planning for Christmas? We don’t think so, and apparently Lost Temple Traders doesn’t either! They just revealed a new tiki mug that looks like Santa in the form of a shrunken head.

    Santa’s Shrunken Head has stitching over the eyes and mouth. His big beard has been left in tact and a festive holiday hat adorns his head.

    Lost Temple Traders is planning to release their new tiki mug in two unique glazes. A green glaze will be produced instead of the blue glaze, and they are asking for opinions on whether to go with a Candy Cane red or a Crimson red for the second glaze. Which glaze do you prefer?

    Additional details for the mug have not yet been revealed, but we hope a preorder will be announced soon. We can’t wait to try them out with some festive cocktails.

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