Six New Mugs by Tiki Diablo

Plumeria Punch Bowl Tiki Mug Sculpt

Images by Tiki Diablo via his website

    Tiki Diablo just announced six brand new mugs and a new preorder system. All six of the mugs can be ordered immediately for an initial deposit of $20. Actual shipping dates vary. Each mug will be limited to an edition size of no more than 250.

  •     The Hawaiian Bob (ships no later than June 2021) is a Hawaiian style Tiki Bob with a wood like finish. It will be hand glazed, stand just over 8″ tall, and retail for $110.
  •     The Encantolo tiki mug (ships no later than August 2021) is a hand painted standing tiki. It will measure just over 11 inches tall and retail for $125.
  •     The Plumeria Punch Bowl (ships no later than April 2021) is a large tiki style canoe. It will measure over 12″ long, 4½” tall, and retail for $165.
  •     The Tumbao tiki mug (ships no later than February 2021) depicts a tiki with headdress playing a drum. It will be over 12″ tall, hand glazed, and retail for $125.
  •     The CoCo BiBí tiki mug (ships no later than September 2020) is a carved coconut with a Tiki Diablo style face. It will be 5″ tall, hand painted, and retail for $100.
  •     The El Tamoboro (ships no later than December 2020) is a large tiki with an animal shaped head playing the drum. This tiki will be 12″ tall, hand painted, and retail for $175.

    All of Tiki Diablo’s Signature Series mugs are made in Los Angeles. Tiki Diablo is widely considered one of the best and most diversified creators of tiki mugs. He designs, sculpts, glazes, manufactures, and sells his own mugs. In addition to creating ceramics, Tiki Diablo also specializes in full venue design and decor. Each mug designed by Tiki Diablo tells a unique story, set to captivate drinkers and collectors alike.

    Those looking to preorder any of these six mugs can do so via Tiki Diablo’s official website.


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  1. exceptional idea. I have over 1000$ tied up in preorders .This not only frees up funds, but also doesnt make me compete with bots on release days.

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