Kamokamo Is The New Tiki Mug From Rainforesttiki and Tiki Farm

Image by Tiki Farm via their Official Website

    Rising up from the pumpkin patch is the latest design by Tiki Farm. It is a collaboration with the incredibly talented Daniel Scarcello, also known as Rainforesttiki, and it is called the Kamokamo Tiki mug. The mug depicts a Tiki holding a Jack-O-Lantern and standing atop a pile of pumpkins, with a black widow spider near the base.

    Kamokamo holds approximately 20 fl. oz. and stands just under 9½” tall. It features a saturated orange stain with a black hand wash. “RFT Mfg by Tiki Farm® ©2020” is written on the bottom of the mug and it retails for $28. It appears to be an open edition mug.

    Rainforesttiki has also designed a second Tiki Mug that will likely be released closer to Christmas time, while Tiki Farm is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of custom ceramic drinking mugs and barware products.

    Those who want to order a Kamokamo Tiki Mug can do so now via Tiki Farm’s official website.

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