Kunga Kong, By Lost Temple Traders, Will Be Unleashed This Friday

Image by Lost Temple Traders via Facebook

    Better clear some space on the Tiki shelf! Kunga Kong, the newest mug by Lost Temple Traders, will be unleashed this Friday, October 23, 2020. This ceramic mug depicts the fearsome face of Kunga Kong, a monster of epic proportions.

    Kunga Kong was sculpted by Dale Silva and is being produced by Tickled Tiki Pottery. Tickled Tiki, also known as Kathy Trope, is a studio potter in Salem, Oregon who creates Tiki mugs by hand. She also manufactured the Taboo Planet mug by Tiki Maniacs.

    Lost Temple Traders, founded in 2019, sells both limited edition Tiki mugs and collectible pins. Their products feature iconic images from adventure stories, including traveling headhunters and camp raiding monkeys.

    Kunga Kong will be a Limited Edition of only 150 mugs. It sounds like the mug will be sold in batches, so the number of mugs released on Friday is sure to be even less than that. Those looking to order Kunga Kong should keep any eye out on Lost Temple Traders’ official website.

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