Super Limited Franken-Moai Mugs Brought To Life By Odd Rodney

Image by Odd Rodney via Instagram

    Franken-Moai is the newest creation from mad scientist Tiki mug creator Odd Rodney. His latest mug is a hand embellished Mid Mod Moai designed with Halloween in mind. It is an extremely limited edition mug.

    These monstrous mugs stand around 9¼” tall and feature custom hardware (the Frankenstein inspired neck bolts and head plates). Each mug has subtle variations in texture as well, as the texture was applied by hand. They feature a matte chartreuse green glaze with weathered metallic color hardware.

    Odd Rodney is a sculptor and fabricator who designs and creates ceramic Tiki mugs by hand out of his studio in Tempe, Arizona. He is known for his high quality commissions and customizations. You can view one of his original Mid Mod Moai mugs with a white glaze here.

   Only four of these Franken-Moai mugs have been brought to life. The first three mugs will be listed individually on eBay to give everyone a fair chance of purchasing one. The first auction goes live tonight (October 17, 2020) at 7:30pm Arizona time. The second mug will be released a day later, and the third a day after that. The fourth mug will be featured in the Tiki Oasis art show occurring on Halloween weekend.

    Which set of bolts is your favorite?

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