New Sad Shark Mug By Hidden Harbor Is A Collaboration WIth Ashleigh at Ugli Mug

Image by Hidden Harbor via Instagram with photo credit to Shakerofspirits

    While most Tiki mugs are slipcast from molds of an original sculpt, the new Sad Shark Tiki mug has been wheel-thrown and no two are alike. Sad Shark is the latest release from Hidden Harbor and it was created by Ashleigh at Ugli Mug in Richmond, Virginia. 

    Sad Shark is an extremely Limited Edition of only 25. Due to the limited quanity available, these mugs will be sold in person only to dine-in guests. Mugs are limited to one per person and two per table.

    Each Sad Shark Tiki mug retails for $125 and will come with a special Sad Shark cocktail-to-go. They will be available from 3:00pm on this Saturday, December 12th. If inventory remains, they will also be available in the shop next door on Sunday and in Hidden Harbor’s online retail store Monday.

    Hidden Harbor recently released the 2nd Edition of their Cursed Monkey’s Fist Mug by VanTiki as well. That mug came in a colored teal glaze and you can read our announcement of it here

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