New Tangaroa Glaze for Magical Tiki Meet-up

Magical Tiki Meetup Mug in Tangaroa Glaze

Image by Magical Tiki Meet-up via Etsy

    A limited edition Tangaroa glaze of Magical Tiki Meet-up’s signature mug is now available for preorder! The mug is inspired by the pillars that hold up the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

   The timing for this mug is perfect because the Enchanted Tiki Room is celebrating its 57th Anniversary this week. The new glaze is a fading blue with a brown top.

    The mug retails for $135 and will be approximately 4″ wide and 8″ tall. It was designed by Typhoon Tommy and Kari Allsmiller, sculpted by Patrick “The Green Tiki” Vassar, and manufactured by John Mulder at Eekum Bookum.

   You can preorder the mug via Magical Tiki Meetup’s online shop located here. You can also view a previous sold out glaze of the mug here.

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