Coo-Coo-Ru by Tiki Diablo

Coo-Coo-Ru Tiki Mug Sculpt

Image by Tiki Diablo via his Website

    A new mug by Tiki Diablo is now available to pre-order for an initial deposit. Coo-Coo-Ru appears to be a tropical bird with a wide, short beak and horizontal almond shaped eyes. The glaze is still to be determined.

    The mug will be handmade and hand painted by Tiki Diablo’s team and is part of his Signature Series. It will stand about 9″ tall and will feature resin cast wings.

    Tiki Diablo is widely considered one of the best and most diversified creators of tiki mugs. He designs, sculpts, glazes, manufactures and sells his own mugs. In addition to creating ceramics, Tiki Diablo also specializes in full venue design and decor. Each mug designed by Tiki Diablo tells a unique story, set to captivate the drinker or collector.

    Those looking to preorder Coo-Coo-Ru can do so now via Tiki Diablo’s official website for an initial payment of $20 (the full retail price is $165 and due later). The mug will ship no later than October, 2021.

   Tiki Diablo has some other mugs available on his site as well which you can read more about here.

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