Raised by Wolves Mug by Tiki tOny

Raised by Wolves Tiki Mug by Tiki tOny

Image by Raised By Wolves via their Website

    Available now is a new limited edition tiki mug designed for Raised by Wolves by Tiki tOny and Tikiland Trading Co. It depicts a dapper wolf wearing a suit who is holding two cocktail glasses with decorative umbrellas.

    The mug is multi-colored and stands approximately 4″ wide and 8″ tall. Raised by Wolves comes with a signature Tiki tOny box and a lapel pin.

    Tiki tOny is a well known artist who designs tiki mugs out of his beachcomber shack in partnership with Tikiland Trading Co. He organizes the Adventureland Day event at Disneyland and he also organizes charity events featuring his famous Adventureland Rover.

    The Raised by Wolves mug retails for $72 and shipping is extra and calculated at checkout. Those looking to order the Raised by Wolves mug can do so now via this website.

    What do you think of this sophisticated design? Let us know in the comments!

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