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Tiki Mug Guide To Tiki Oasis 2021

Tiki Mug Guide For Tiki Oasis San Diego July 28 Through August 1, 2021

    Tiki Oasis is fast approaching, and with it comes the excitement and trepidation of multiple Tiki mug releases. That’s why The Search for Tiki has created this guide to help you obtain your mug successfully, while still enjoying your vacation. We break down some of the artists and mugs that will be at Tiki Oasis.

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Choosing Tiki Bar Lights: The Complete Guide

When a tiki bar is properly lit, it will evoke a spirit of mystery and exploration and transport guests into a tropical oasis. However choosing the right lights for a tiki bar is not always easy when there are so many different options. Floating glass lamps, pufferfish and smart LED strips can all add exotic character to your bar.

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