The Charmer by Jungle Modern Ceramics

The Charmer Ceramic Mug in Yellow by Jungle Modern Ceramics

Image by Jungle Modern Ceramics via Instagram

    If you missed out on Michael Shigeru Sbicca’s The Giver tiki mug, you’re in luck. The second mug in his Enchanted Orator series, named The Charmer, will be released this Friday, June 19th at 6:00pm PST.

    Jungle Modern Ceramics produces small batch ceramic tiki mugs out of Pasadena, California. Their mugs are known for their signature wood-grain, weathered look.

    The Charmer will be a limited edition of 80 mugs. The first ten mugs will be test glazes, 50 will be small batch runs, and 20 will be super carved and glazed. Of the small batch runs, 15 will be red/white, 15 will be blue/yellow, and 20 will be orange/white.

    The mugs are expected to ship by July 15th. They will measure 4¼” wide x 4¾” deep x 9¼” tall. The small batch mugs will cost $185 + tax with US Shipping included. International orders will cost an additional $30 for shipping. The test glazes will cost $225.

    If you want to snag one of these mugs, you’ll want to visit Jungle Modern Ceramics’ official website exactly at 6:00 PST. You can check out the listings in advance.

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