Pele Mug for Max’s South Seas Hideaway

Pele Tiki Mug by Black Lagoon Designs

Image posted by Black Lagoon Designs via Instagram with photo credit to kymmbang.

    Sculpted for Max’s South Seas Hideaway in Michigan, the new Pele mug by Black Lagoon Designs goes on sale today. Max’s South Seas Hideaway has been closed for three months due to the COVID-19 shutdown, but they never stopped making tiki mugs in their studio. 

    This particular tiki mug was inspired by a Guy Wilson carving made in the 1970s. The carving is located in the bar area of Max’s South Seas Hideaway. Black Lagoon Designs did the sculpt for this mug, but the mug was produced by Max’s Bertiki and Olivia Hoffman. They also chose the glaze.

    Pele will retail for $125 and no more than 50 will be produced. The mug goes on sale today at 7:00pm EST via Max’s official online e-commerce site located here.

    In addition to the new Pele mug, Max’s South Seas Hideaway will also be selling a set created by Anthony Carpenter named Maxie and Minnie Maori for $100. Fifty of these sets will be made, and they will be available in both large (24 fl. oz.) and small (3 fl. oz.) versions. Max’s will also have test glaze editions of BigToe and Gecko mugs available for sale.

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