The Final Ten Dead Bastard Cocktail Mugs By VanTiki Go On Sale This Sunday, June 13

Image by VanTiki via Instagram

    It’s the end of the run! The last of VanTiki’s Dead Bastard cocktail mugs go on sale Sunday, June 13. This ceramic cocktail mug is VanTiki’s artistic interpretation of the classic Suffering Bastard mug. VanTiki’s version depicts the Suffering Bastard as if it has laid down flat on its back and died, with crossed out eyes and a tongue that hangs out of its mouth, presumably after a long night of intoxication. This mug is unique in that it can be hung and displayed on a wall when not in use.

    Dead Bastard is a limited edition of 200 mugs and each mug holds about 15 fluid ounces of cocktail. They are made by hand in the United States by Henrik and Denise Van Ryzin. VanTiki is a ceramic studio based out of Oregon known best for its unique, one-of-a-kind creations and limited edition castings. It also creates the video series Tiki Technical Tuesday on Instagram and YouTube that goes behind the scenes of ceramic making.

    Each Dead Bastard cocktail mug retails for $155 plus shipping and sales of the mug are limited to one per person/address. Mugs will be available for purchase on Sunday, June 13, 2021, at 12:00pm PDT and 3:00pm EST via VanTiki’s official web storeHave you added the Dead Bastard to your collection or wishlist on The Search for Tiki yet?

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