VanTiki Announces Official Sale Date And Release Information For Dead Bastard Cocktail Mug

Image by VanTiki via Instagram

    The presale date for Dead Bastard was just announced by VanTiki. The mug is a creative spin on the vintage mug and cocktail named Suffering Bastard. It can even be hung on a wall! Official photos of the mug and its glaze will debut on VanTiki’s Instagram page later this week.

    Dead Bastard will be a limited edition of 200 mugs and each mug holds about 15 fluid ounces of cocktail. Mugs will be released on Sunday, March 28 at 12:00pm PDT and 3:00pm EST. They are made by hand in the United States.

    VanTiki is a ceramic studio based out of Oregon. Unique, one-of-a-kind creations and limited edition castings are sold by VanTiki. They are also well known for their video series Tiki Technical Tuesday on Instagram and YouTube that goes behind the scenes of ceramic making.

    Each mug retails for $155 and sales of the mug will be limited to one per person/address. The cost of shipping and handling is not included in the price of the mug. You will be able to purchase the mug via VanTiki’s official web store. These mugs are being sold as a presale with an expected shipping date of two to three months.

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