Tikiland Trading Company Gives Shipping Updates For Several Different Tiki Mug Preorders

Images by Tikiland Trading Co. via Facebook

    Tikiland Trading Co. recently updated the status page on their website for those who have preordered a mug. It sounds like production on both the Whittle Hippo mug and the Calling All Spirits bowl have been moved to different factories.

    The release date for the Whittle Hippo mug has been pushed back to the Fall of 2021. Tikiland Trading Co. is now using a different production partner for the mug and they are in the process of having glaze samples remade.

    The expected shipping date for the Calling All Spirits bowl is now unknown. The bowl was originally expected to ship in the Fall of 2020, but after several bowls cracked or exploded, Tikiland Trading Co. has decided to use a different production partner. Modifications have been made to the sculpt to ensure the bowl can now withstand its own weight.

    The Lost Adventurer and the Head Stack mugs have also been delayed due to a shift in production timeline. They are expected to ship in late Summer or early Fall.

  Sunbathing Bertha, Skipper’s BoteHurry Back, and Beachcomber Bombardier have mostly arrived at Tikiland Trading Co. headquarters. Tikiland is doing a quality check of the mugs starting with the Beachcomber Bombardier, then Hurry Back, then Sunbathing Bertha and Skipper’s Bote. Most Beachcomber Bombardier orders will ship by the week of June 21, and the other mugs will ship after that.

    Additional updates can be found on the status page of Tikiland Trading Company’s official website.

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