Trader Vic’s Worldwide Announces Several New PNG Style Cocktail Mugs In Multiple Sizes

Image by Trader Vic’s Worldwide on Instagram

    The two news mugs from Trader Vic’s are named Angoram and Ramu. Both are based on colorful masks and are available in full size and miniature versions, which are the size of ceramic shot glasses.

    The Angoram mug is designed by Javier Del Campo for Trader Vic’s Papua New Guinea collection. It is inspired by a city in the Sepik province of Papua New Guinea named Angoram. It holds 30 fl. oz. of cocktail and retails for $34 each. The miniature version holds 2 fl. oz. and costs $12 each.

    Ramu, the second cocktail mug released by Trader Vic’s today, is also designed by Javier Del Campo. This mug pays homage to the Ramu river however, where the Bosmun people live. It is a shorter mug that holds 24 fl. oz. for $30. Its smaller counterpart holds 2 fl. oz. and costs $12.

    These mugs are available now on the official website of Trader Vic’s worldwide, along with over two dozen other cocktail mugs and bowls.

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