VanTiki Auction For Golden Volcanic Vapor Mug and Sculpture Is Now Live

Images by VanTiki via Facebook

    VanTiki’s latest Tiki Technical Tuesday video (episode 43) focuses on gold luster, which can be applied to ceramics. It comes in a very small bottle and is very expensive. Henrik demonstrates the use of gold luster on one of his latest creations, the Volcanic Vapors mug. Volcanic Vapors is a ceramic mug designed to look like a traditional lava lamp with the “lava” portion of the sculpt forming the shape of a skull.

    The first batch of Volcanic Vapor mugs (#1-200) have already sold out, but a smaller batch of 50 is planned for release in Spring 2021. Our original announcement of those mugs can be viewed here.

    Two Volcanic Vapor mugs are extra special and received the 22k gold luster treatment. The first (#131) is more of a sculpture because the hole for drinking was never cut out. That one has a white base and cap and features a gloss gold skull. The second has a black base and top (#162) and a satin gold skull.

    The auctions for both Gold Lava Volcanic Vapors are now live on VanTiki’s Facebook. The auctions are being held on social media to help avoid extra costs. It is a silent auction and the rules are posted in two separate posts (one for each Volcanic Vapor). Bids can be cast by commenting. 

    VanTiki’s official Facebook page can be viewed here. At the time of this writing, both the Gloss Gold Sculpture and the Satin Gold Mug have a highest bid of $400. Commenting (bidding) will be turned off Sunday December 13th at 5:00pm PST.

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